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How to use a pull saw.


The Key Posture

If you are right handed, put your left foot in front of you for just half a step. If you are left handed, put your right foot in front, and hold the wood firmly with the other hand. When you are cutting, look at the cutting edge from right above and see if you are cutting it straight.

Cross cutting

The key in cross cutting.

If you are using an extra thin blade such as our Usuba and 0.3 series, try to make an angle between the blade and the cutting surface by about five degrees. If you are using other saws, make an angle about ten degrees. Grip the part of the handle which is not in the exact middle, but somewhat closer to the rear end of the handle just like in the picture. When you start cutting, try using the whole blade. Since it's a pull saw, you apply just a little pressure when you pull and no pressure at all when you push. The weight of the saw is enough to cut the wood. No extra pressure is required.

Rip cutting

The key in rip cutting.

Unlike cross cutting, you need to hold the saw with both hands when you use a rip cut saw. Put your foot on the wood so that it does not move, and cut using both hands. It's very hard to use a rip cut saw with just one hand. There are many cases where people cannot hold the wood firmly and the wood moves when they are cutting.

How to take care of handsaws.

Care after use.

To keep your saw sharp and in good quality, try to clean it after every use. If you don't clean the sap or leave them wet, it could cause rusting.

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