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Company Profile

Company Name
President and CEO
Michisuke Tomosada
Kashiyama-chou, Ono-city, Hyogo-Pref.
Ten million Japanese Yen.
Our Business
We manufacture and sell hand saws with a replaceable blade.
Group Companies
Gyokucho Sangyou Co., Ltd.
Gyokucho Trading co., Ltd.(Trade part)
The number of employees
75 people (Includes all three companies)
March, 1969
Razorsaw Manufacturing was founded, and started making hand saws with replaceable blade.
April, 1972
Razorsaw Manufacturing changed to Razorsaw Manufacturing Company Lmited.
Independent sales department. Established Gyokucho Sangyou Co., Ltd.
October, 1977
The new office for Gyokucho Sangyou Co., Ltd. was built in Ono City.
October, 1981
Trading division separated from Gyokucho Sangyou and Gyokucho Trading Co., Ltd. was established.
November, 1981
Gyokucho Sangyou office was moved to Miki City.
March, 1984
Stamping factory of Razorsaw was built in Ono City.
July, 1990
The new building of Razorsaw Manufacturing Factory was built in Ono City.
April, 2011
Gyokucho Sangyou Tokyo branch opened in Tokyo.
April, 2021
Gyokucho Sangyou Co., Ltd. Established a new warehouse.
June, 2021
Newly established and relocated the stamping factory next to the head office factory.

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