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U series


Tapered pruning saw

Slim cutting edge that can reach even crowded branches.

A compact, easy-to-handle pruning saw with a short blade length of 150 mm, a tapered tip, a small wooden handle grip, and a wooden sheath.


For landscaping, and pruning fruit trees.


Green wood

Characteristics of the main body

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  • Green wood
    • Green wood saws are for pruning and landscaping. Curved saws are for pruning in the forest, and fruit saws are for pruning fruit trees.
  • Replaceable blade
    • By changing the blade, have cutting quality of a brand new saw. Item number of replacement blade is marked on the lower right side.
  • With a sheath
    • Our saws with a sheath can be carried around with you on a belt, so they are ideal for pruning trees for landscaping and fruit farms.
  • Wood handle
    • Wooden handles are strong against humidity and dirt. Handle does not get slippery even if you sweat.
  • Special surface treatment
    • Surface of the blade is coated with nickel, and it prevents rusting.
  • Laser marking
    • Item number of replacement blade is marked on the blade , identifying which blade to purchase. Details are permanently marked by laser.
  • Impulse hardening
    • The surface of the blade is super hard but inside is flexible. They are strong against fruction and they last longer.

Characteristics of teeth

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  • Crosscut blade
    • Crosscut saws cut wood fibers at certain width. If you use crosscut saw for making rip cut, you cannot make smooth and easy cuts.
  • Hijirime
    • Hijirime is making variation on the height of the teeth edges. It greatly improves cutting quality. Lower edges removes saw dust.
  • Teeth with sets
    • By putting sets on the teeth, it prevents the blade from being stuck in between the material.

Product specification

ClassificationArt. No.NameBlade LengthBlade ThicknessCutting WidthTeeth PitchJAN CodePrice
Main body6611Woodslim150㎜0.8㎜1.13㎜ 2.5㎜4903524 3136864,450yen
Replacement BladeR661Replacement Blade for Woodslim4903524 4136832,550yen
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