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Special surface treatment
We make all our products go through special surface treatment to prevent rusting.
What is special surface treatment?

Generally speaking it's an anticorrosion process. We use the latest chemical process to plate our blades with a micro-thin nickel coating. This is accomplished without the use of an electrical current, so the plating is a very uniform thickness. After being plated, the nickel plating enhances durability of the rust. The plating process produces such a smooth surface that adhesion of tree resins is greatly reduced and if occurs is easily washed from the blade with warm water. As you may know, rust is always a problem with steel products, particularly in humid and coastal areas. Our Special Surface Treatment helps to prevent rust and tarnish.


Rusting is a big problem especially in coastal areas. Many imported timbers contain salts. Cutting such timbers causes blades to rust. Our special surface treatment prevents rusting.

Replaceable blade

You will have a brand new cutting edge by replacing to a new blade. We mark item number on the replacement blade. Please check the number on your hand saw when purchasing a blade.

Laser marking
Permanent marking
Laser marking

The product name, blade thickness, blade length, and item number of replacement blade are indicated on all our hand saws. Even if you lose a package, you'll be able to identify the details of our product. We use a laser to make permanent markings on the blade.

Impulse hardening
What is impulse hardening?

The cutting edge is heated for 0.003~ 0.005 seconds by applying an electrical current at 27.12MHz. This creates a shock wave on the surface of each tooth that hardens it to Hv900~1200. For comparison, sharpening files are only hardened to Hv800~ 850.

Hand saws which lasts longer are those with tougher teeth. What are saws with weaker teeth like?

If heating is done multiple times on each tooth, the heating quality varies and it not only hardens the surface of each tooth but also the core. This causes tooth to chip.

Our impulse hardening is special.

1. We use specially developed impulse hardening machine to make long lasting blade.

2. We heat each tooth just once instead of multiple times.

3. For better flexibility, we only harden the surface of each tooth.

This makes the surface of each tooth very hard, but still keeps the inside core flexible. This is the key to blades with longer life.

Rattan handle

Wrapping the handle with rattan makes the handle stronger. Also there are tiny spaces in between the handle and the hand, which prevents sweating and slipping. Rattan wrapped hand saws are traditional hand saws. The whole handle wrapped with rattan is considered better quality than partly wrapped handles.


The entire handle is coated with elastomer resin, and it gives you good grip.

The grip has "seigaiha" pattern, traditional Japanese waves pattern. Seigaiha means blue ocean and waves.

The handle is light and comfortable to grip, and it gives you good performance even when you have gloves on and or when your hand gets sweaty from work.

TPE stands for "Thermoplastic Elastomer" . Elastomer is a type of soft resin like rubber, so it becomes soft when heated and hard when cooled.


Elastomer resin on the handle.

Our EVA grip is light and soft, which reduces the stress on the wrist. It also prevents slipping even if your hand becomes sweaty.

The screw is embedded in the handle, so you can replace a blade even more quickly. Since the screw does not come off, you do not need to worry about losing it when replacing a blade.


EG grip is just 59g, so it reduces the stress on your wrist while working. You don't need a driver to replace a blade.

Wood handle

Beech wood that we use on our handles are those used for making furnitures and instruments.
Painted handles are strong against humidity. It fits perfectly in your hand, and it also prevents slipping.
We use magnolia wood for Megumi series, cherry wood for Plant Hunter mini, and white oak for Kami no Utsuwa. TRONC 180 handle is made of laminated maple and cherry wood.

With a sheath

Since you can put it on your belt, it's especially recommended for outdoor use such as for landscaping and working in fruit farms.

Folding saw

Folding saws can be safely stored in your tool box. Folding saws are recommended for people who don't use the saw frequently. Opening angle can be adjusted. Folding saws for both outdoor use and indoor use are available.

Pole saw

They are ideal for cutting off branches high up.

Straight handle

Hand saw with a straight handle for indoor use. There are single edge saws, double edge saws, and folding saws. There are also hand saws with a sheath for outdoor use, pole saws, and small cutter saws.

Cutter saw

They have a grip like cutter knife. It's sometimes not so easy to carry around a big hand saw. Our cutter saws are small enough to fit in your pocket. It will be perfect when you have branches that're too big for your pruners, but not that big to use a regular hand saw. Please pull the whole blade out and make sure to tighten the screw when you use our cutter knife.

Thick blade Cutter saw

This is a cutter type saw that employs a thick blade for pulling and turning. The durable blade makes it easy to handle and improves work efficiency.

Reciprocating saw dedicated replacement blade

This is a cutter type saw that employs a thick blade for pulling and turning. The durable blade makes it easy to handle and improves work efficiency.

Unreplaceable Types

All our hand saws except for flush cutting saw single edge and double edges have replaceable blade. These two items do not have a replaceable blade since there is not much difference between the whole saw and just the blade itself.

Simple sheath

Some of our hand saws don't come with a sheath. This way we set the price more economical. You could put your saw back in the plastic case for better storage.


The length of the blade should be based on the length of the stroke you make with your arm when you use a hand saw. In general, the ideal blade length is 240mm to 270mm. People with more experience make big strokes and use the whole blade, but people with not much experience tend to make small strokes. We offer hand saws with blade length shorter than 180mm. These are especially suited for household use and for the beginners.

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