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Special cleaner for tools.

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Amazing detergency!

Use YANIPIKA and always keep your tools clean!

When you use pruning shears, pruning saws, trimming shears, and chain saws, tree sap gets stuck on the blades.

If you leave your tools without cleaning, sap hardens and you'll not be able to make smooth and clean cuts.

After your gardening work, use Yanipika and keep your tools clean.


1. Spray YANIPIKA directly onto the blade with sap. When doing so, becareful not to inhale the liquid or touch it with bare hands.

2. Please leave it for about 20 seconds. If you would like to remove sap that's been solidified and hard, please leave it longer.

3. Wipe with a dry cloth.

4. YANIPIKA contains an anticorrosive substance, but it's not enough to prevent rusting. Please do final touch such as using camelia oil to coat your blade.

Scissors before cleaning

Scissors with sap.

If you spray YANIPIKA...

Scissors during cleaning

The liquid is permeates the sap.

You might see the color of the sap or stain changes as liquid permeates.

Leave it for about 20 seconds. If you have some hard solid sap on your blade, please leave it longer.

Wipe off with a dry cloth ....

Scissors after cleaning

You can see the clear change from before.

By keeping your blades nice and clean, you will have good sharpness for a long time.

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They come in these boxes that's good for displays.

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Revival sharpness!

Just spray it on!

For better quality of blades!

For removing sap!



Art. No.NameCapacityClassificationUseJAN CodePrice
9200YANIPIKA 100ml100㎖SprayRemoves sap and stains on blades such as
hand saws pruning shears
trimming shears and chain saws.
4903524 4008051,130yen
9201YANIPIKA 300ml300㎖4903524 4008121,980yen
9202YANIPIKA RefillRefill4903524 4008291,750yen
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