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Product info RAKUNANDESU Pruning Shears

Characteristics of RAKUNANDESU Anvil Pruning Shears

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Characteristics of Miki Kajiyamura RAKUNANDESU Anvil Pruner

Available in four colors. From left: Walnut Brown, Khaki, Indigo Blue, and Rose Red.

1. Anvil type pruning shears with a replaceable blade.
2. Force is concentrated on the cutting surface.
3. Two steps adjustment for opening angles.
4. Three steps adjustment for spring strength.
5. Grip and open safety lock.
6. Light weight.
7. Impulse hardening on the tip of the blade.
8. Small hole for putting a strap.
9. Available in four different colors.

1. Adjastable anvil pruner.

Compared to general pruning shears, anvil pruning shears don't put much stress on the wrist. It prevents developing tendonitis.

Unlike general pruners, two blades do not slide pass each other as they cut the material.

To replace a blade, you just need to take off one screw. The anvil can be also replaced by sliding it out. No need to adjust the position of the blade.

The blade and the anvil work just like a kitchen knife and a cutting board. For both right hand users and left hand users.

2. Force is concentrated on the cutting surface.

JP. Patent No. 5547700.

Force is efficiently applied on the material, making it easier to cut.

They are designed in a way that when the blade and the anvil are open, thick materials can fit in at the very back of the opening. You can easily prune big branches.

They give you clean cuts, and they do not damage the cutting surface. So they are great for flower arrangement. You can also use them for grafting.

3. Two steps adjustment for opening angles.

Opening angle can be adjusted depending on the size of your grip.

Women and children with smaller hands or those who can not apply much force can easily use them. If you are pruning just once in a couple of years, size of the branches varies. For working more efficiently, opening angle can be adjusted to two different types.

4. Three steps adjustment for spring strength.

Tension spring is used on Rakunandesu pruning shears. Spring is placed inside the grip, so you do not have to worry about touching it or losing it while you work with it.

Strength of the spring can be adjusted to three different types depending on the user. Weaker spring is recommended for women and children. Stronger spring that's more stretched is recommended for those who want to prune fast. The pruner opens faster this way.

5. Grip and open safety lock.

When you grip the pruner, the lock opens. You can put the lock back with just one hand. Just grip it, and press a hook against your leg or body, and the lock is back on.

Three lock positions of end hook lock.

The first position is if you want to put the lock on with one hand. The second position is with the hook all the way out for not locking. The third one is the hook completely inside the handle for putting it in the pruner case.

6. Light handle.

The weight of the item itself can be the cause of stress on your hand. Alminum die cast alloy is used on the grip, so it's light but can withstand hardwork.

We use elastomer resin on the grip. This allows moderate elasticity.

7. Impulse hardening on the tip of the blade edge.

We treat the blade with a technique called special impulse hardening just like we do on our hand saws.

Impulse hardening is done only on the tip of the blade edge. This prevents blade from cracking.

8. Small hole for putting a strap.

There is a strap hole for working at high place. You can avoid losing the shears by wearing a strap on your wrist. Please take advantage of this hole and use it as you like.

9. Adjustment free blade

1. In a closed position, unscrew the screw on the blade using a screwdriver or a coin.
2. Slide the anvil out towards the tip of the anvil in an opened position. 3. Put a slotted screwdriver or something else that has a tip thinner than 4mm in between the anvil and the body, and slide it out to the direction of an arrow. ( You can also take the anvil out at the point of the triangle. )
4. Slide the new anvil in all the way to the end.
5. Put the new blade in the metal spine.
6. Grip the handles and close the anvil and put the screw back on the blade.

RAKUNANDESU Promotion Video

Miki Kajiyamura RAKUNANDESU Pruning Shears

Spent five years developing, they are designed based on the requests from fruit farmers and landscapers.
Our concept for Rakunandesu is pruning with an ease.
Please try our Japanese anvil pruning shears with the best cutting edge.

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ClassificationArt. No.NameColorBlade LengthSteelBlade ThicknessMaterials usedJAN CodePrice
Pruning Shears
Walnut Brown40㎜SK-51.4㎜Aluminum die-casting
Elastomer resin
4903524 8817896,600yen
TS179Uguisu Green4903524 881796
TS180Indigo Blue4903524 881802
TS205Rose Red4903524 330058
Replacement BladeTS181Replacement Blade for
Pruning Shears
Polyamide4903524 8818192,000yen
TS260---4903524 430284900yen

RAKUNANDESU Case Pruning Shears Case

Useful shears case!

Convenient three way type. With a belt, it can be used in three ways: shoulder strap, waistband, and belt thread. It is easy to store not only RAKUNANDESU Pruning scissors, but also other gardening tools as well. With an inner pocket, you also can store even smaller things such as pens and cutter saws.

Colors: brick orange and ebony brown

Use: Gardening

For working both indoors and outdoors as well as for keeping your tools.

Applicable products

Rakunandesu pruning shears, folding saws, cutter saws, and other gardening tools

Product specification

ClassificationArt. No.NameColorSizeMaterials usedJAN CodePrice
PartsTS194RAKUNANDESU Case Pruning Shears Case Brick OrangeWhole Length 200mm
Upper width 120mm
Lower width 60mm
Belt 630mm - 120mm
Genuine leather
reinforced nylon
4903524 8819494,700yen
TS195Ebony Brown4903524 881956
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