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Product Information: For Household Use


Homeone Cutool

HOMEONE CUTOOL 鋸 鋏 ハサミ ケース ホームワン カットゥール カッツール 4903524400775 ダンボール Cordboards

For craft work, gardening, handicraft, and recycling.

For cutting at home. A set of tools: scissors, hand saw, and knife. Designed for safe usage. From crafts to gardening, Cutool can be used in various different ways.

Blade Length: Saw: 85mm / Scissors: 50mm
Knife: 55mm
Material: Blade: SK-5 / Handle: ABS / Case: PP

Price: 4,400yen

Homeone Recycle for Metals

Sシリーズ HOMEONE RECYCLE ホームワン 家庭用 リサイクル 0.7250 4903524401871 4903524401888

For cutting metals.
You can use it to cut carpets too!

Blade Length:250㎜ / Blade Thickness:0.7㎜
Teeth Pitch:1.0㎜

For cutting large size garbage and wires.

Aluminum, light metal, iron, plastic

Saw: 2,380yen, Replacement Blade: 1,500yen

Homeone Recycle for Wood and Plastic

Sシリーズ HOMEONE RECYCLE ホームワン 家庭用 リサイクル 0.6250 4903524401895 4903524401901

For cutting large sized garbage.
It's easier to put out a garbage.

Blade Length:250㎜ / Blade Thickness:0.6㎜
Teeth Pitch:1.5㎜

For cutting large sized garbage and for wood crafts.

General timber, Plastic, Bamboo, and Green wood

Saw: 2,500yen, Replacement Blade: 1,650yen

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