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A set of tools: a pair of scissors, a mini saw and a knife

The product concept of Homeone is that every household should own one.

It helps you cut in different ways.

We designed scissors, saws and knives for safe use not only for adults but also for children and elders.

Tools come in a plastic case that's convenient for carrying and storage.

The size of the case is the same as general DVD case.
You can put them in a bookshelf and a drawer.

You can use them for gardening too.

Good cutting quality! Made In Japan!

The most important thing about blades is its cutting quality.

Mini saw and a knife are designed so that you can hold it in the same way as holding pens and pencils. You only need to put your index finger in the hole and put your thum on the top. They are designed for safe grip for children with small hands and adults.

Knife comes with a clear plastic cover.

For crafts

We recommend using Cutool for working with your children for a craft project .

You can also use them for cutting wood, wood crafts and bamboo crafts.

If you'd like to work with a drawing paper, scissors would come in use.

For gardening and fresh flowers

For gardening work, you could use mini saw for pruning and scissors for cutting flowers.

For flower arrangements you can use both a mini saw and scissors.
In addition, the knife is useful for cutting oasis used for flower arrangements.

For handicrafts

Scissors would be useful for cutting felts and leather. You can also cut wires with it.

Use mini saw for cutting wood and green wood. Use scissors for cutting something thin such as cloth and leather. Use a knife for cutting paper and carving wood.

For recycling

Knife would be useful for cutting plastic bottles, cardboards and milk cartons.

For those who need a cutting tool for recycling.

How to hold a mini saw and knife safely.

Women have a grip strength that's 60% of that of men. Children under age ten have 30% grip strength compared to that of adults men. Therefore tools designed for safe usage by adults doesn't mean they are also safe for children. By putting a ring hole on the grip of the mini saw and a knife, it prevents slipping. Also by holding it like a pencil instead of gripping like a regular knife and saw, people with any hand size can use them.

1. Put a index finger in the ring hole.

2. Place your thumb on the top part.

3. Hold it with your index finger and a thumb. Put your other fingers on the handle.

How to dispose a mini saw and a knife.

1. Insert a slot screwdriver in the small gap just like in the picture.

2. Push the handle of a screwdriver down a couple of times just like pushing a lever until the cover comes up.

3. The blade easily comes off once the cover is off.

4. The work is done.

Cutool Promotion Video

We recommend them to any household.

We also recommend them to teachers in nurseries and kindergartens.

We designed them for safe use not only for adults but also for children.

You can make different ways of cutting with Cutool.

Product specification

Art. No.NameUseBlade LengthMaterials usedBlade ThicknessTeeth PitchSizeJAN CodePrice
001HHomeone Cutoolのこぎり80SK−50.51.5W136-D191-H144903524 4007754,400yen
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