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KAMI NO UTSUWA: Professional saw for experienced saw user ~extremely thin Dozuki blade~

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The blade is as thin as 0.15mm and the blade width is 40mm.

Since cutting width is very narrow, you'll have just a little saw dust.

Applicable materials

For crafts and intricate work

General timbers


Natural white oak


We made Kami No Utsuwa as our 40th anniversary model hand saw.

Cutting width comparison

The cut on the left is made by Kami No Utsuwa and the one on the right is made by Dozuki saw.

The blade thickness of Kami No Utsuwa is 0.15mm, and the cutting width is 0.25mm. Our Dozuki saws have 0.3mm thickness and 0.5mm cutting width.

The cutting width made by Kami No Utsuwa is just a half the width made by Dozuki saw.


Material : Carbon Tool Steel

Hardness : HRC 60

Surface Treatment : Nickel Plating

Back Metal

Material : SPCC

Decoration : Hairline Finish

Surface Treatment : Electroless Nickel Plating


Material : Natural White Oak

User's Manual


Characteristics of the main body

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  • Dozuki extra fine
    • Dozuki wide type can cut materials up to 60mm thick. Tatebiki Noko Dozuki Style can make both crosscuts and rip cuts.
  • Replaceable blade
    • By changing the blade, have cutting quality of a brand new saw. Item number of replacement blade is marked on the lower right side.
  • Straight handle
    • Our saws with straight handles are mostly for indoor use. There are single edge saws and double edge saws.
  • Wood handle
    • Wooden handles are strong against humidity and dirt. Handle does not get slippery even if you sweat.
  • Compact
    • Smaller than 180mm, you can put it in your tool box. They are great for craft work and finishing touch. Great for DIY.
  • Special surface treatment
    • Surface of the blade is coated with nickel, and it prevents rusting.
  • Laser marking
    • Item number of replacement blade is marked on the blade , identifying which blade to purchase. Details are permanently marked by laser.
  • Impulse hardening
    • The surface of the blade is super hard but inside is flexible. They are strong against fruction and they last longer.

Characteristics of teeth

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  • Extra thin blade
    • Our special 0.15mm extra thin blade has cutting width of 0.25mm. Ideal for intricate craft work. For experienced wood worker.
  • Crosscut blade
    • Crosscut saws cut wood fibers at certain width. If you use crosscut saw for making rip cut, you cannot make smooth and easy cuts.
  • Hijirime
    • Hijirime is making variation on the height of the teeth edges. It greatly improves cutting quality. Lower edges removes saw dust.
  • Teeth with sets
    • By putting sets on the teeth, it prevents the blade from being stuck in between the material.

Product specification

ClassificationArt. No.NameBlade LengthBlade ThicknessCutting WidthTeeth PitchJAN CodePrice
Main bodyTS129KAMI NO UTSUWA180㎜0.15㎜0.25㎜ 1.0㎜4903524 88129112,000yen
Replacement BladeTS130Replacement Blade for
4903524 8813074,000yen
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