Impulse Hardening

The secret of
long blade life is here!

Impulse Hardening tempers only the surface leaving the core of the tooth flexible

What is Impulse Hardening?

Impulse hardening is the modern method of creating a saw
blade with a long working life.
The cutting edge is heated for 0.003~0.005 seconds by applying
a electrical current at 27.12MHz.
This creates a shock wave on the surface of the each tooh
that hardens it to Hv900~1200.
For comparison , sharpening files are only hardened to Hv800~850.

Why do saws from
other manufacturers fail?

Other manufacturers use a process that applies hardening
several times or t
wo more than one tooth.
This causes uneven hardening and cracks will occur which
can cause the tooth to easily break.

We are proud to use
a more sophisticated
Impulse Hardening technique
After intensive reseach, our company developed
an impulse Hardening machine which leaves
the tooth both durable and hard.
The fundamental difference is we harden
each tooth one at a time leaving
the surface hard for durability
and the core soft for flexibility.