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Miki-Kajiyamura Rakunandesu pruning shears Now On Sale

Details of Rakunandesu

1. Anvil type pruning shears with a replaceable blade.
2. Force is concentrated on the cutting surface.
3. Two steps adjustment for opening angles.
4. Three steps adjustment for spring strength.
5. Grip and open safety lock.
6. Light weight.
7. Impulse hardening on the tip of the blade.
8. Small hole for putting a strap.
9. Available in four different colors.

Razorsaw Orizuru 240 2017. 3. 1 Now On Sale

Folding saw with a straight handle.

Razorsaw Orizuru 240 Dozuki

Easy storage! Curved tip allows you to make a hole on the wood panel.

Razorsaw Orizuru 240 Dozuki Extra Fine

Easy storage! Ideal for intricate work.

Razorsaw Orizuru 240 Wood working

Can be stored in your tool box! Your ideal wood working saw.

Homeone Recycle Now On Sale

Details of Homeone Recycle

Hand saw for cutting large-sized garbage into smaller pieces.

Large-sized garbage can be cut into smaller pieces and put out as general waste.
You can save the cost of waste disposal.
You can make smooth cuts, and it's ideal for household use.
Since the grip is very light, it reduces the stress on the wrist even when used for a long time.

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