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Rip cuts and Cross cuts

Rip cuts and Cross cuts

Rip cut teeth and Cross cut teeth.

There are mainly two ways in which you can cut timbers. One is to cut across the grain, called cross cut, and the other one is to cut along the grain called rip cut. There are specific types of saws for making cross cuts and rip cuts. If you use a wrong saw, you can damage the teeth. You can use cross cut saws for cutting diagonally to the grain.

Materials and cuts


Woods are made of fibers. It's like a bundle of strings. When you try cutting that bundle, rip cut saws cuts like a chisel along the string. Two cutter knives sticking on right and left and cutting across the string s is a cross cut teeth. You need to understand how handsaw cuts the material in order to properly use both cross cut saw and rip cut saw. Since Japanese saws are pull saw, they cut only when you pull. So please don't put any pressure when you push back the saw. If you put big pressure when you push, you might bend the blade.

Cross cut teeth

What are cross cut teeth?

Cross cut teeth consists of two teeth in which one points slightly to the right and the other one to the left. The edge of the teeth are very sharp like a cutter knife. Cross cut teeth cuts wood fiber at a certain width. It works the same for when cutting diagonally to the grain. If you use cross cut saws for making rip cut, you cannot make clean and easy cut.

Rip cut teeth

What are rip cut teeth?

Just like in the diagram on the left, rip cut tooth also consists of two teeth just like a cross cut teeth. The teeth edge is flat like a chisel, and it carves out the materials as you make strokes. Since rip cut teeth carves out the material it's cutting, there more saw dust is produced compared to cross cuts. If you use rip cut saw for making cross cuts, you cannot make smooth cuts because the teeth gets stuck on wood fibers.

Setting with Rip cut tooth

What are cross cut teeth with some rip cut teeth for?

By putting some rip cut teeth on cross cut saw, saw dust is more efficiently removed from the cutting surface.
Cross cut teeth with some rip cut teeth:
L series LH, LG / RAZORSAW ORIKOMI All Purpose, Large Teeth / MEGUMI /
RAZORSAW SELECT 200, 250, 300 Timberman's, Green wood, Pruning, Fruit Tree /
FD-20A All Purpose, 20G Green Wood, 20T Timberman's, 20F Fruit Tree /
RAZORSAW 180 Wood working / SELECT 200 Garden / Plant Hunter 210, 240, 270 /

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